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Under the Governor Group

All functional units under the Governor plays the roles in all activities to support the TISTR’s Governor, Executives and Board Members, to perform and respond concisely and promptly, as well as, to proceed main work plans accordingly and effectively. They work on documentation systems of organization, expand collaboration with overseas institutions, publication, public relations, corporate image creation, including establish and maintain partnerships and relationship inside and outside organization timely, completely and accurately. They also examine and validate internal operation of organization in compliance with laws, rules and regulations, the Nation plans, the Government’s policies and the Cabinet’s resolutions.

Functional units and their responsibilities under the Governor include; Internal Communication Division – internal communication to drive and encourage personnel involvement and partnership within organization; Public Relation Division – corporate image creation, corporate social responsibilities, public communication, production and dissemination of organizational information and achievement publicly; Secretarial Division – internal and external documentation management, coordination and operation tasks to support all TISTR’s Executives and Board Members; International Relations Division – coordination and communication to support cooperation and activities with overseas institutions; and Internal Audit Office – organizational performance audit and assessment based on rules and regulations, strategic plans, risk management plans, the Nation plans, the Government’s policies and the Cabinet’s resolutions.

Dr. Chutima Eamchotchawalit

chutima @ tistr.or.th

Organizational Cummunication Office

Internal Audit Office

Office of the Governor

TISTR Research & Service Groups


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Sustainable Developments

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