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The TISTR Culture Collection or the so called Bangkok MIRCEN is the main service collection in Thailand. It was created with UNESCO/UNEP support in 1976 with the aim of establishing a holding center for agriculturally and industrially useful microbial strains. Since then, this Culture Collection has been devoted to collection , preservation , and distribution of microorganisms. In the year 2000 ,the quality management system of TISTR culture collection services such as culture supply, preservation and deposition of microbial cultures have been conformed to the requirement of the quality standards  ISO 9001 (ISO 9001:2008).

The following main services are offered:

Culture Supply

Over 5,000 strains of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and microalgae,covering a wide range of known or potential applications for biotechnology development, agriculture, environment, industry are readily available. TISTR-cultures are distributed in response to written orders from laboratories and educational institutions. Distribution of cultures is generally restricted to approve laboratories only. Cultures are supplied at nominal charge. The Collection regularly publishes a catalog of strains.

Deposit of Microorganisms and Plasmids

Public Deposit

TISTR Culture Collection provides this service to scientific community to deposit their microorganisms and plasmids and results publicly available for further study. The public deposited cultures are available to third parties. In return for this service, the depositor receives a clear reference in the catalogued strain-record and is entitled to receive another strain in exchange.

Safe Deposit

TISTR Culture Collection provides service on safe deposit to industry to ensure safety for proprietary cultures of particular importance to industry against e.g. potential loss or irreversible changes of their production strains.

Preservation of Strains

TISTR Culture Collection offers to prepare freeze-dried ampoules of  Microbial strains upon request.

Identification of Strains

TISTR Culture Collection provides service on identification and characterization of bacteria , yeast , fungi and microalgae which is conducted at a level to be agreed with the clients. All analysis and their results are part of a confidential report.

Isolation and Purification of Strains

Samples for examination, detection, isolation and purification of microorganism are including contaminated food, water, deteriorated materials and industrial products.

Training Services

Training services range workshop and on-the-job training coures which focuses on isolation, identification characterization of strains, preservation and culture collection management system.

Other Services

TISTR Culture Collection also provides services on photographs of cell & colony under microscope, bioactive compound tests and medium for microalgae cultivation.