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The Visit of Japan Packaging Institute (JPI) and Japan Material Handling Society (JMHS)

On 20 February 2020, Mr. Wirach Chantra, Deputy Governor of Industrial Services and representatives from Thai Packaging Centre (TPC), Material Properties Analysis and Development Centre (MPAD), Railway Transportation System Testing Centre (RTTC), and International Relations Division (IRD) welcomed Mr. Shigeo Koshino, Senior Director of Japan Packaging Institute (JPI), Mr. Yasuyuki Ando, Vice Chairman of Japan Material Handling Society (JMHS), JPI and JMHS delegates, and Assistant Professor Juthamas Choomlucksana, Ph.D. at Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR). The objective of the meeting was to discuss about the current and future collaboration among JPI, JMHS, and TISTR. The parties concluded on the collaboration between TPC and JMHS on Material Handling and Logistics Engineering education program. After the meeting, JPI and JMHS delegates visited MPAD and RTTC laboratories.

JPI and JMHS 1

JPI and JMHS 2

JPI and JMHS 3

JPI and JMHS 4

JPI and JMHS 5

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