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TISTR Deputy Governor R&D Group for Bio-industries and researchers had discussion with BMRI Director, Dr. Yochihiro Ohmiya and AIST delegates.

On 27 June 2019, Mr. Sayan Tanpanich, Deputy Governor R&D Group for Bio-industries and TISTR researchers welcomed Dr. Yochihiro Ohmiya, Director of Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI), Japan and AIST delegates. The meeting was on new Joint Research Contract projects that will be collaborated between TISTR and AIST namely “Development of technologies for identification, evaluation, and regulation of ingredients effective for bioactive compounds from natural resources in Kingdom of Thailand”.

There were 5 projects that could be included in this new JRC: (1) Functional Analysis of Transcription Factors involved in the Regulation of Cannabinoids Biosynthesis of Thai Cannabis Species and Non-Disruptive Measurement of Cannabinoids for Quality Screening, (2) Antibacterial Compounds from Microalgae against Human Pathogens, (3) Application of WGS for Safety Evaluation and Strain Identification of Probiotic, (4) Standardization of Microbiota Analysis Techniques, and (5) Liposome.

Besides, TISTR IRD informed meeting attendees on the trip of TISTR executives to AIST Tsukuba, information of the 2nd TISTR – JAIMA conference that Dr. Ohmiya will join as a speaker and also the Governor’s suggestions for implementing collaborative projects.


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