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Training on Food and Beverage Packaging Technology

On 27 May 2019, Mr. Wirach Chantra, Deputy Governor of Industrial Services, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) was honorary to warmly welcome the Secretary of the Embassy of Sri Lanka and delegates from Sri Lanka Export Development Board and Ministry of Primary Industries and Social Empowerment of Sri Lanka to the training on ‘Food and Beverage Packaging Technology’ at Thai Packaging Centre (TPC), Bangkok, Thailand. In the training, Dr. Pattra Maneesin, Director of Thai Packaging Centre (TPC) was our honorable speaker to present the topic on the ‘Principles, Trends and Innovation of Food and Beverage Packaging Technology’. The concepts, characteristics, pros and cons, future trends and innovation of each type of packaging were clearly explained as well as the constructive examples were demonstrated. In the afternoon, the Secretary of the Embassy of Sri Lanka and all delegates from Sri Lanka visited TPC testing laboratory which was led by Dr. Supoj Pratheepthinthong and Ms. Kedpraveen Huntrakul; and the Institute of Food Research and Product Development.

F&B Packaging Technology 2

F&B Packaging Technology 3

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