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InnoEn – Expert Center of Innovative Clean Energy and Environment

Develop innovation on clean energy and environmental
technology to lead country towards sustainability.
1. To conduct research and development on science,
technology and innovation on energy, transforming biomass
into clean fuel using fermentation, biomethanation and
thermo-chemical conversion technologies in order to be a
substitute to fossil fuel in electricity generating or liquid fuel
used in the industrial sector, households and transportation.
2. To conduct research and development on science,
technology and innovation on management of environment
and resource concerning energy, waste management, pollution
treatment technologies; value adding to agricultural and
industrial wastes; cost reduction of climate change protection
and reduction; and the preparation for measures / mechanisms
3. To transfer knowledge, technology and innovation from
research and development for commercial and social benefits
through laboratories, tools / prototype equipment, pilot
plant, and demonstration plant.
4. To provide consultancy services in analyzing and testing,
and training on clean energy, the audit of energy consumption
in the sectors of transportation, agriculture, industry, business
and housing, resource management and the preparation of
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, and design
and management of waste and pollution treatment
5. To conduct research and create the databases on Biological
Diversity, transfer knowledge, and raise awareness on the
conservation of natural resources and the environment for
in situ sustainable utilization of the Sakaerat UNESCO Biosphere
6.To establish the cluster of open innovation and the
technology translation on clean energy and environmental
management embracing industry, business, educational
institutes, government and academic institutes, nationally
and internationally

In addition, Sakaerat Environmental Research Station is
one of the departments under the Expert Center of Innovative
Clean Energy and Environment (InnoEn), located at 1 Mu 9,
Udomsap sub-district, Wang Nam Khieo district, Nakhon
Ratchasima province, which has been established to conduct
research on environment and forest ecology in accordance
with the Cabinet Resolution. The Station has permission from
the Royal Forest Department to use the forest area for
academic research but has to maintain the forest in natural
conditions and to conserve natural resources so as to study
the environmental and ecological aspects of tropical

SERS also provides a learning center for natural resources
conservation for school children and studentsthrough science
and environmental camps, knowledge transfer services on
environment, ecology and biodiversity, ecotourism services
for natural resources and ecology learning. It also has facilities
such as meeting hall for training and conferences both
nationally and internationally.

Sakaerat Environmental Research Station is recognized
for conservation and preservation of genetic diversity, species
of living organisms, and conservation of ecology and landscape
as well as the multiculturalism of the area. The Station is an
area to promote economic, social, custom and cultural
sustainable developments, as well as to support the research
and education. This place is equipped with full facilities to
accommodate holdings of demonstration, training and
education on the environment, and the monitoring of the
issues related to conservation and sustainable development
at all levels, both locally, nationally and internationally.


Expertise / Services

Research and development on science,
technology and innovation, research and
consultancy service.

Conversion of biomass into clean energy
and alternative renewable energy for energy
security and sustainable development.

Research and services on biodiversity and
its databases as well as activities to raise
awareness on natural resources and
environment conservation for sustainable

Environmental and resource management,
waste management, pollution treatment.

Services on analysis and testing of solid
fuel, wastewater and air quality.

Service on pilot plant running concerning
electricity generation from biomass using
hybrid renewable energy technology.

Research Output

Energy technology
- Production of biodiesel from a variety of raw materials
such as crude palm oil, Jatropha oil, used vegetable oil.
- Research and development of prototype machine for high
quality production of biodiesel at pilot plant scale.
- Production of liquid fuels from Jatropha residue, incooperation
with the leading Japanese research and development
organizations, a pilot scale of rapid pyrolysis process and
synthetic fuel production.
Environmental technology / management

- Preparing for a master plan of natural resources management
and conservation and a management plan for ecotourism.
- Preparing the EIA report (Environmental Impact Assessment)
for both private companies and government agencies.
- Research on clean technology, such as industrial wastewater
treatment and biogasification, zeolite production technology
from industrial waste, biogas production from industrial
wastewater, hydrogen generator from ethanol.

National and International Collaborations

- Cooperation with academic institutions
- Cooperation with the private sector.
- Cooperation with government agencies.
- International cooperation: JICA, AIST, Lao PDR.

Expert Centre of Innovative Clean Energy and Environment (InnoEn)
Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)
35 Mu 3, Tambon Khlong Ha, Amphoe Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120 Thailand

Tel : (+66) 2577 9449 Fax : (+66) 2577 9448

E-mail :


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