SERS is an ideal place for conducting ecological and environmental research. As noted, it exists to serve research purposes. Apart from the nearly pristine Dry Evergreen and dry Dipterocarp forests, there are also facilities, equipment, and personnel persent to assist with project.

Contact Address
Sakaerat Environmental Research Station Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research 1 Moo 9 Udom Sab Subdistricts,Wang Nam Khieo District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province30370 THAILAND Tel: 66-44- 760 110, 760 111, 760 112 Fax: 66-44- 760 109 Mobile:Taksin 08 9813 4101, อรุณวดี 08 6125 3793

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General Information
Geography / Climate
Important Roles of the Station

Sakaerat Environmental Research Station

The Sakaerat Environmental Research Station (SERS) was established by the Thai government on September 19, 1967.
It administered by the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research as a facility for ecological and environmental research.


Location and Boundaries
SERS is lies in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. It spans Phu Luang Subdistrict, Wang Nam Khieo Subdistrict,and Udomsap Subdistrict in the Pakthongchai District. It is located about 300 kilometers from Bangkok and 60 kilometers from Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) on highway 304. The station grounds cover an area of 78 square kilometers (approximately 48,750 rai).

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