Thailand Institute of Scientific
and Technological Research
Digital and Information Office
Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research

ศูนย์บริการเอกสารการวิจัยแห่งประเทศไทย (ศบอ.)
E s t a b l i s h e d
since 1961
    About DIO@TISTR
    Digital and Information Office of TISTR
    (or Thai National Documentation Centre; TNDC)

    DIO-TISTR or TNDC is a unique part among many parts of Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) which has its function is establishing society of knowledge and learning by using electronic media to facilitate information service for science and technology research and development. TNDC is also capable in science and technology transfer as well as research project by providing the following services:

    Providing information services to scientists, researchers, industrial entrepreneurs and others, both locally and internationally. Moreover, TNDC has provided the e-Library system in order to increase capacity of the full function work such as acquisition, bibliographical series, circulation and online literature search.
    Collaboration with libraries and academic institutions, both locally and internationally, in order to disseminate national research results and technologies.
    Media production and dissemination by publishing, Research reports, Science and Technology Journals, and others media and publications in order to disseminate the research results of TISTR to the publics.

    DIO was successfully awarded the ISO 9001 from BV in the services of library and technical report, ensuring services efficiency, which conform to customers’ satisfaction.

    Divisions in DIO

    1. Digital System Division
    2. Organizational Knowledge Management and Development Division

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