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Administration Group

The Administration Group plays the role in supporting the main tasks of TISTR both in R&D and S&T services. The supportive activities under the Administration Group are divided into these following categories:

Human Resource (HR) Department – HR strategic plan, succession plan, talent management, HR development, staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and welfare.

Finance Department – financial management, accounting, budgeting, and supplies and purchasing.

General Services Department – Building and facility management, maintenance service, energy and water supplies, transportation, workplace environment and landscape management.

Knowledge Centre (KLC) – knowledge management (KM), science and technology information and e-library services, information search and acquisition services, Institutional Repository database (IRDB), e-publications, training service, editorial service, media production, and printing service. KLC is also responsible for corporate IT management, planning of IT infrastructure, enterprise architecture, provision of IT support, and implementation in compliance to IT standards and security management.

Under the Governor Group

The responsibility of the office is to manage all  activities to support the governor and TISTR boards. The activities concerned include the public relations and international relations, the main function of the Office, visioning, and strategic  planning. Practically, TISTR  strategies and vision are established responding to the national policy.  This office is  also  focus on a support of Organisational Strategic planning, implementation of strategies, business development and marketing in  order to achieve the vision, strategies and TISTR’s mission; corresponding to the government policy. This has ultimate goals in fulfilling the commitments of TISTR while enhancing organisational competitiveness, creating R&D quality and its commercialization, and promoting the S&T service business in wide scale.  Another  activity under the Office’s responsibility is the Auditing, focusing on assessment of organisational performance  based on regulations, laws, government’s policies and the cabinet’s resolutions.